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Business Performance

Recent Business Performance

No. Project Name Category
1 Metro Line9 Comprehensive Management Building Communication Construction Comm’
2 Dae-jun west-south area U-City Design Detail Design
3 Defense Broadband Convergence Network Detail Design No.1 Department of Defense
4 Defense Broadband Convergence Network Detail Design No.2 Department of Defense
5 08-00 Navy Main Headquarters communication Construction In-Building
6 Osan U-City u-Infra Design Basic Design
7 ChungJoo Nexpolis Design Consulting Consulting
8 Police TRS Low Power Repeater Construction TRS
9 Ammunition Storage Area Scientific Boundaries System Construction CCTV
10 CAMA TDX-1B Billing Processing Unit Replacement CAMA
11 Song-Do POSCO R&D Center Construction Technical Support Technical
12 00 S/S~ 00 Power Tunnel TRS Construction TRS
13 154KV 00-00, ByungJum Optic Cabling Optic Cabling
14 00 City ITS Second Construction(RSE) ITS
15 00 City ITS Second Construction(Parking) ITS
16 345kV 00 Substation Electronic Communication Construction In-Building
17 Ammunition Storage Area Scientific Boundaries System Additional Reinforcement Construction Security
18 Protection Relay Data Remote Acquisition System PIDS
19 00 Illegal Parking Monitoring CCTV Construction CCTV
20 Kang rung Nationl University Student Dormitory Broadcasting System A/S Service TRS
21 Seoul Police Agency TRS Construction and Setting TRS
22 00 Nexpolis Communication Infra Construction U-City
23 2010 Digital SCADA Network Construction SCADA
24 OO Area Center S/W Design Software
25 Pan-Gyo Innovalley Cluster Landscape Lighting Construction LED
26 New An-Seong S/S 23kV Control Electronic Communication Facilities In-Building
27 Defense Security Command Computer Room Communication Power Line Construction In-Building
28 GS Supermarket VPN Terminal Replacement Construction VPN
29 Pan-Gyo Innovalley Landscape Lighting Optical Cable  Construction Optic
30 00 Nexpolis Communication Conduit Construction Network
31 154kv 00 Substation Electronic Communication Construction In-Building
32 00 Culture Gallery Build Communication Construction In-Building
33 Power Supply Station SCADA Dual Power Construction Power
34 Children Protection CCTV Install Business CCTV
35 Control Cable Install Construction LED
36 SR Rectifier Module Repair Replacement In-Building
37 Il-San Center 3,4 Floor Equipment Room Optical Patch Construction In-Building
38 GOP Watchbox Communication Construction Design Service Design
39 POSCO ICT Pan-Gyo Office Building Operation Equipment Delivery Install System
40 2011 Year LGU+ RRH In-Building LTE Mobile
41 Cloud data center Construction In-Building
42 Il San T-Cloudbiz Lack LAN Cable Patch Construction In-Building
43 LG U+ LTE RRH In-Building Construction LTE Mobile
44 00 -City Security CCTV Selection of location Service Design
45 Smart Green U-City Construction & Management Model Development Project U-Service
46 00 -City U-urban planning Establishment Plan Service Design
47 Chungcheongbuk-do Innovation Communication Construction Zone 2 Consulting
48 EBWave Improve of IntraNet Performance and Factory System Remodeling Intrnet
49 00 Green-City Construct Preliminary design Design
50 Military Operation Broadcasting System Communication Detail design Design
51 00 City BTL 2nd Communication Outdoor Facility Construction CCTV
52 501 BRIGADE ACF Security Construction Security System
53 Old Security CCTV Replacement Detail Design Service Security
54 00 US Army Relocation Communication Plan Revision Part 1 (C4I) Design
55 ChungJoo Nexpolis Zone 3 Communication Conduit transfer Construction Network Infra
56 ChungJoo Nexpolis Inner Duct Construction Network Infra
57 Kirkuk~baiji Pipeline EPC Project Communication Equipment Delivery and Install Network
Equip. Delivery